…what clients love about Computer Fitness!

“Sylvie was a very strong clear personable presenter who really knows her stuff.
I picked up some general IT security tips for my husband and I too – so well worth it all round.
Set in Emily’s house – a safe informal relaxed environment – the talk was the perfect length for a busy working Mum!
Thank you”

Charlotte - Fulham

“Sylvie’s approach to IT matters, founded on experience, works in part by transferring her confidence to you as well as resolving that mass of queries. Her gift is to answer questions simply, with practical advice, leaving you empowered to filter and optimise your IT environment. She speaks for a balance between life and technology for our generation.”

Dina Lockwood Architects, Buckinghamshire

“I would highly recommend Sylvie Garvey who runs Computer Fitness.I recently had some problems with software on my computer. Sylvie visited my home and was able to identify and sort out the problem almost immediately. Sylvie offers a range of services including IT problem solving, web safety and parental controls. She also runs IT workshops and back to work IT training. Sylvie is clearly very competent and knows her subject inside out. She is a mum and is very nice and approachable and talks in a language that a non-techie like me can understand!”

Sarah Austin, Really Helpful Club

“The internet safety workshop held by Sylvie Garvey and organised by Dance Grooves was absolutely outstanding. I found it informative and detailed and I enjoyed the open forum format where all of our questions were answered. Sylvie is extremely knowledgeable and can relate to parents’ concerns, being herself a mother. By the end of it, I feel we all learnt how to use a lot of handy tools that make the internet a less scary place for parents!”

Linda - Southfields

“Wonderful working with Sylvie. She helped me limit the internet from my two teenage sons and it has changed our family life for the absolute better – and I feel slightly smug that I’m now one step ahead of the kids – thank you Sylvie! ”

Zara Elliot, Blush Academy

“If you are having technical difficulties with your computer or printer, or need a bit of help installing new equipment, or practical advice on practically anything computer-related, Sylvie is brilliant. She can explain techy things very clearly, and instils confidence in her clients so that they can learn to do things for themselves. I would highly recommend her.”

Raquel Bello, Carrdies, London

“Sylvie is a fabulous resource for our business. We rely on our computers, mobiles and website to run our business and it essential that it works efficiently.
Having access to Sylvie is like having our own IT department without the overheads. Whenever there is an issue she comes and sorts it out quickly and efficiently. She is now helping a number of our network of individual businesses and we have had great feedback.
I am delighted to recommend Sylvie.”

Debbie Blott – Décor Café Network

“I thoroughly enjoyed Sylvie’s approach of actually embracing the technology instead of opposing it. She gave us tips to make devices saver for children of different ages to use and reminded us of the importance of communication within members of the family.
I walked away reassured and have since changed the setting of every device we have at home and feel overall more relaxed when my boys ask to work on the computer.
I can definitely recommend the workshop.”

Antje – Fulham

“Thank you Sylvie! you are brilliant, and i am especially grateful for the effort you put in to fix my very slow and glitchy outlook last week. it was affecting my business and now it’s working like a dream! you are such a pro.”

Karine Torr, Darling Magazine

“Sylvie is a saviour with any computer issues. My MAC had a health-check with her and now operating faster. She can sort out things in minutes, whereas it would take me hours to do the same. ”

Mariko Lavender-Jones

“Knowing Sylvie is always available for advice is a huge relief and very reassuring, whether it be advice on the technical side, explanation of a new phone, or security /parental controls advice for the children’s phone/tablets, and would without hesitation recommend her.  There has never been a time when the problem I have presented her with has not been solved.”

Jane Robinson, London