Starting up a business in any industry can be such an exciting and scary time. A long list of to-dos and a short amount of time create pressure and stress. Make sure you give some thought to your Office IT as you kick off your business to ensure you reduce the number of issues you encounter as your business expands.

startup-backupsBackup – It is imperative to keep your data safe whether it be your invoicing, employee or client data. Data protection rules require you to keep all client information secure, accurate and up to date. This data is key to your business so keep it safe by ensuring you have backups. Look at it like insurance. A backup is not a copy but captures more than a simple replication of files so if the worst happens and your computer won’t turn on one day, you can restore everything you need for your business with a backup. Also ensure your backups are running automatically and regularly and you know how to restore it so as not to waste time.

Anti-Virus and Internet Security – Keep your computers in best running condition. A good Anti-Virus will protect you from marauding virus and nasty hackers and will allow you to automatically run cleanup programs which keep your computer in top condition. They will also ensure Internet security as you search the web or purchase products online. Always be aware of suspicious emails with attachments from people you don’t know. When using credit cards to pay for online purchases, make sure the website link is a secure one. Look for https:// at the beginning of the link, rather than http:// the secret lies in that extra “s” which signifies ‘secure’.

Setting up a business requires your Office IT to be in good shape but don’t get caught up in cutting edge technology. Use what you have and what is familiar to you. You don’t need the most expensive solution you just need to get it done. You will be more productive if you are not spending your time learning new technologies and software systems. Leave room for the potential to expand but keep it simple and secure to start.

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