Do you need to tone up your computer fitness? Whether you don’t know where to start, want some friendly support as you learn to do it yourself or simply don’t have the time, Sylvie Garvey offers personal straightforward practical IT advice and support to home users and small businesses.

Sylvie feels passionately that technology should make our home and work lives simpler not more frustrating. She combines 15 years experience at a global IT consultancy with her home experience of a tech-savvy family, to offer her clients plain, jargon-free help.

So if it is PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, printers, networks, backups, small business application, child internet security, media devices or document management, and you don’t know why it’s not working, what to buy, how to set it up or whether you are making the most of what you already have, contact Sylvie as she will be able to help. She’ll offer pragmatic support in your home/business, on your computer for what you need.

Sylvie Garvey will help you troubleshoot your problem IT areas and provide clear and straight-forward advice.

If she can’t help, she’ll tell you. And if she thinks you can do it yourself, she’ll tell you that too.


Sylvie Garvey established Computer Fitness in 2011. She is a self-confessed techno-geek, passionate about getting IT to help, not hinder, our lives. She spent 15 years working for a global IT consultancy specialising in large-scale IT Transformation business application, IT problem-solving and project management. Her 3 children and home-run business have provided plenty of experience of typical home and small business user challenges, as well as the specific issues that occur when helping our children navigate technology and the web safely.

Sylvie has expertise across Apple products and Windows PCs as well as peripherals like cameras, printers, external hard drives and home/ business networks. Sylvie lives in SW London and typically helps clients on their own machines in their own homes/business. She can also arrange workshops for specific topics. Sylvie parle aussi le français ayant étudié et vécu en France et en Belgique.

She works primarily in SW and Central London but is happy to consider travelling further afield.


Some of Sylvie‘s Computer Fitness services are listed below. She offers an initial consultation by phone for free. Following this, her services are charged by the hour with discounts offered for larger and/or repeat jobs and on-going training to build your computer fitness. Once you are her client, she is happy to provide you with simple support on an on-going basis by phone/email.

Home Users


Small Business

PC and Smartphone setup

Parental Controls

Back to Work IT training

Data Transfer

Web Safety

Software Workshops (Excel, Word etc.)

Software installation

Family User accounts

Cloud Storage

Health Check


Data Backup

Printer Fix

WiFi improvement

Data Security and Protection

Apple device Sync

Digital Camera management

Outlook Mail and Calendar Sync

Home networks

iPad issues

Network help

“ Sylvie’s approach to IT matters, founded on experience, works in part by transferring her confidence to you as well as resolving that mass of queries. Her gift is to answer questions simply, with practical advice, leaving you empowered to filter and optimise your IT environment. She speaks for a balance between life and technology for our generation.” Dina Lockwood Architects, Buckinghamshire.

"Knowing Sylvie is always available for advice is a huge relief and very reassuring, whether it be advice on the technical side, explanation of a new phone, or security /parental controls advice for the children's phone/tablets, and would without hesitation recommend her.  There has never been a time when the problem I have presented her with has not been solved.” Jane Robinson, London.

“I would highly recommend Sylvie Garvey who runs Computer Fitness.I recently had some problems with software on my computer. Sylvie visited my home and was able to identify and sort out the problem almost immediately. Sylvie offers a range of services including IT problem solving, web safety and parental controls. She also runs IT workshops and back to work IT training. Sylvie is clearly very competent and knows her subject inside out. She is a mum and is very nice and approachable and talks in a language that a non-techie like me can understand!” Sarah Austin, Really Helpful Club.

“If you are having technical difficulties with your computer or printer, or need a bit of help installing new equipment, or practical advice on practically anything computer-related, Sylvie is brilliant. She can explain techy things very clearly, and instils confidence in her clients so that they can learn to do things for themselves. I would highly recommend her.” Raquel Bello, Carrdies, London.

Sylvie offers a free Computer Fitness initial consultation over the phone. To contact her to arrange this, please fill in this form below or email directly, including a telephone number you can be contacted on.